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We have an important infrastructure to carry out massive digitalization processes allowing large numbers of documents to be digitized in very short periods of time.

Ciudad Digital 360º

Solutions based on the gathering of spatial or georeferenced information from very wide areas, with errors of the order of centimeters, using Terrestrial LiDAR technology

Horizontal Directional Drill

Horizontal directional drilling performed with state-of-the-art equipment, a procedure that allows jobs are carried out in a much faster way, while contributes to mitigate the environmental impact. Service performed by Gilauco C.A.

Electoral Solutions

Set of tools developed with cutting-edge technologies with the principles of reliability, comprehensiveness, security, precision, high availability and auditability that guarantee legitimacy and transparency in electoral processes


Unified management platform that integrate multiple tele-measurement technologies and other systems that support the operations of electricity distribution companies, allowing to identify and quantify, through a geographical interface, non-technical losses at different levels of the distribution network

Consulting Services

Our company is dedicated to the development of technological projects through engineering processes, integration of multiple hardware and software platforms and construction of computer systems that allow obtaining final products with great added value for the management and operation of our customers.

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About us?

We are a technology services company with unique characteristics in Ecuador. Our philosophy is to sell what we do and always put the relationship with our customers first. We achieve that our products require less human resources, less implementation time, therefore less budget


Solve operational needs and improve the logistics of our customers, through the use of technological tools. We offer systems to simplify operational processes, we offer systems to improve the collection efficiency of a company and others


Being a regional and global company, with the best professionalism, make a significant contribution and produce an effective service to customers and the community, always adapting quickly to technological changes

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