Ciudad Digital 360º

A digital city is a more efficient city. Every day, the new infrastructure and growth population, demand an immediate update of the spatial data. Our turnkey concept involves the best technology tools for information capture, processing, and analysis. The result improves the planning, design, management of public works, transportation and civil infrastructure with information of value to the city.


Terrestrial LiDAR

We integrate different methods of data capture, combining spherical cameras and LiDAR, to obtain high-resolution panoramic photographs and a cloud of geo-located terrain points and with precision of the order of centimeters


Terrestrial Fixed LiDAR

Massive data collection is possible with the terrestrial fixed laser scanner to process difficult access tasks such as buildings, antennas, pipes or interiors. Designed for autonomous operation to provide maximum productivity


GNSS Receivers

GNSS triple constellation receiver. The G3 technology of our equipment was the first to combine the three original positioning systems - GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO - for a better fit and precision to the needs of our customers.



Thanks to the latest technological advances in ground penetration radar, we obtain underground information about metallic and non-metallic objects quickly with our ground penetration radar systems


Data Center

Our 1 PByte Data Processing and Storage Center hosts the necessary servers to support the latest technology services, with a high level of processing and and secondary storage capacity


Geospatial Software

We have the support of Orbit GT, a geospatial application software company for the treatment of images with the best performance and precision features today, both in LiDAR processing and in the extraction of elements


Process development

We implement work flow with the best practices that guarantee compliance with the quality and requirements agreed with customers, under current laws and regulations, adapted to real needs


Field Tools

We carry out the field work with new technologies, with our own digital development and GPS positioning, in mobile applications that allow the necessary flexibility and accuracy in the workplace where the information is located


Custom applications

We design applications according to your needs. We have a work team that will accompany you in the process of developing the application so that it meets 100% of the requirements agreed in joint work sessions

Our goal is to provide the Autonomous Governments with an efficient and modern tool for the generation and maintenance of information, for planning, administration, decision making and control of land and buildings.

We implement solutions based on the gathering of spatial or georeferenced information from very wide areas, with an accuracy of the order of centimeters, adjusted to the existing legal regulations.

Experience with

Update of the Municipal Cadastre with Air and Terrestrial LiDAR
Consorcio Montecristi Digital / GAD Municipal Montecristi
Update of the Municipal Cadastre with Terrestrial LiDAR
Consorcio Ibarra Digital / GAD Municipal Ibarra
Survey of information and photographs in 360º with Terrestrial LiDAR
Consorcio Samborondon Digital 360 / GAD Municipal Samborondon