eDRA® is an integral solution for the supply of an intelligent measurement management system for remote or local operations, with the functions of measurement, suspension, reconnection, alarm monitoring and loss monitoring. For this, eDRA® provides basic functions of an AMI network operations support system and its components.

Description of the eDRA platform

The eDRA platform (unified management platform) that integrates different AMI measurement platforms, which is integrated into the Commercial and Collection Systems of the distribution companies and also provides tools to support the field operation. All based on geo-reference information.

Description of the bOSS platform

Reading on-site billing system with complementary field services. Record the meter consumption reading, invoice, print and deliver the invoice. It can operate online or offline and keeps updated on cadastre and geographic location of service subscribers.

Experience with

EMELEC. First project of Telemetry and Control Systems MDM in the country and South America

Telemetry Platform Integration

Integration of Large Users border meters

eDRA Platform Update and AMI Platform Integration: Elster, Itron and General Electric

Reading and billing on site, CNEL Manabí: 200,000 subscribers

dDRA Platform Update and integration of conventional measurement equipment (Non-AMI)

Reading and billing on site, CNEL Esmeraldas: 100,000 subscribers

Reading and billing on site, CNEL Guayaquil: 647,000 subscribers

Reading and billing on site, CNEL Milagro: 160,000 subscribers

Lectura y facturación en sitio, CNEL Guayaquil, Milagro, Esmeraldas, El Oro, Sucumbíos: 1’100.000 abonados