Electoral Solutions

Digital Capture for Electoral Processes: Since 2002 we have developed integral solutions for 7 electoral processes, scanning the summaries of the polling stations, and processing them for data capture.

eXACTO platform features

  • Scan Images
  • Authenticate Record against Inventory
  • Detect missing pages
  • Inventory update of digitized records
  • Generate local copy in the scanning center as backup
  • Transmission to the database
  • This module has parameterizable characteristics that allow operation with or without communication with the central database.

Features of the eXACTO ICR

  • The values ​​assigned by the interpretation of the ICR and those of the cut of the record are subjected to a process of visual verification.
  • If the value interpreted by the ICR is the same as that of the image, the digitizer selects (option APPROVE) which is the value assigned by the ICR and the verification process is concluded. This selection becomes a numerical data that passes to the next Record Consolidation process.

We firmly believe in the value of democracy and in a reliable electoral system that allows us, even in the election of a parent association, student government, workers union or state, transparency and verification at any time during the electoral process.

With eXACTO we guarantee reliable results adapted to the needs and requirements of these times.

Volumes of electoral data processed:

0 Millions
0 Millions
data fields
0 tables
processing up
0 Centers
transmission and synchronization

Critical process in 158 hours for delivery of validated data.

Experience with

Collection of information on scrutiny of 23,000 polling stations. Digitalization, transmission, processing and dissemination of results

Processing of Closing Acts and Electoral Scrutiny of 36,500 JRV. Second Electoral Round

CNE, digitalización, procesamiento de Actas de Cierre y escrutinio; Asamblea Constituyente, 2’800.000 imágenes

CNE, digitalization, processing of Closing Acts and scrutiny; First and Second Presidential Round

Assembly and operation of the Fast Counting Platform together with the JCE of the Dominican Republic